​Emergency Assisted Lift

You’re underwater Assistant for your BLADE / Pro II Series - Power Pole.

8FT or 10FT Models

At times, your Shallow Water Anchor won’t lift or raise.  The hydraulic motor, pump or a broken

cable, loose fitting and or hydraulic leak maybe the cause of the issue.   When you’re in real need to lift your anchor(s), trying to tie a rope on the far end and lift up the unit maybe impossible without getting wet.  There are times throughout the year that getting in the water isn't possible due to water temps and or Alligators.  Even if you could get in the water, you may not have the tools to even accomplish such a task and that has you thinking and possibly in panic mode.

Seacured Fishing now has an emergency cable that connects to either your Blade or Pro II Series Power Pole that solves this problem.

This SEAL is your assistant and is always there for when you need help manually raising your Shallow Anchor.   Just release the cable from the holder near the bottom bracket and pull the Shallow Water Anchor Up with force.   We even supply the bungee to keep it in place and secured until you can get back to the ramp to address the issues you are experiencing.  

All Stainless Steel hardware using a 1700 lb rated cable.  Installs in 15 min.

Hopefully you'll never have to use it but if you do, you'll be so glad you have it.

It's a MUST HAVE  -  Get yours today.

SEAL - Emergency Assist Lift
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