"RED EYE"  Outboard Motor LED Brake Light

The "RED EYE" is a must have when trailering your boat.  Once plugged into your trailer harness, it provides awareness to others who drive behind you by illuminating as you use your lights and brakes as well as your turn signals. 

Many anglers deal with rear end collisions from vehicles that follow to close to their boat and don't gauge the distance between the outboard motor and their vehicle.

With “RED EYE” these problems are over. As you turn on your parking lights the PROP light illuminates, Press On the Brake and it's brightens up, select a turn signal and it flashes to make awareness.  It's easy to install and comes with complete instructions, a wiring harness for the trailer and a complete kit to make your install easy.   Before you launch your boat just unplug the light and strap and remove it to store in your truck / car.   

This fits inside a 3-3/4 diamerter opening inside the inner part of the propeller

It's a MUST HAVE - A fantastic safety device and it WORKS.   Get yours today.


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This device is only used when trailering your boat.

  Always remove the light and unplug the cable before launching and store in your vehicle.