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Power Pole

Customer Stories:

"I woke up, walked out and noticed my power-pole was gone.  Had a guide trip that morning and had to deal with the police, insurance and some disappointed clients.   This just made my day start out all wrong."  I only wished I had the Guardian Lock the day before. (Vince)

"Tournament morning, it was dark, hooked up the boat, drove down to the ramp and that's when I noticed it.  Power-pole is missing.I really needed it for that day too."  I'm headed out to buy this so next time I won't have to deal with this. (Robert)

The Guardian Lock
Power Pole Security
What comes in the box

*Easy to follow instructions 
*Lock with key
*3/8" x 2" Pan Head stainless steel Bolt - Phillips Head
*Threaded disc with adhesive tape
*Alcohol pad 
*Drilling template - for drilling a 3/16" hole
*Maintenance Card Cost $99.00 ea

Plus Shipping of $6.45 

(Includes up to 3 locks per package)

Please tell us in the notes you want the Power Pole lock.

If you're local to South Florida, we will even install it for you.  Email us.
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