Customer Stories:

We were fishing in some really thick grass and  time was running out for weigh in. thought I could get the boat up and on plane, from where we were.   The grass was jammed so tight around the prop switching from forward to reverse just wouldn't cut it.  "Thank the lord" I had this tool in my boat.  It just took a couple of minutes and the knife cut that grass right off and we made it back to the weigh in just in time.  (Bill M.) 

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The Grasshopper

The Outboard Motor grass removal tool for:
All Outboard Motors

Remove grass from the water intake with a rubber brush

Remove grass fishing line and obstacles

from the propeller with a knife

Using an extendable pole 29" to 61" in length by pressing a button.

We designed this with quality in mind:

SOG Knife with sheath
Rubberized brush
High quality aluminum push button extension pole

Cost $98.00

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