The Defender Series
Theft Deterrent System

Secures (2) Power Poles

What comes in the box

Enclosed you will find:
(4) – 3/8” – 16 One Way Turn Bolts – SS
(4) – 3/8” x 16 Break Away Security Nut – SS

Tools necessary for the installation

 9/16 socket to remove the existing bolt
3/4 Socket for the Defender Nut
Flat Head Screwdriver for Bolt Head
Phillips Head Screwdriver possibly necessary

This system uses a one way turn bolt and a break away security nut. Once installed, no one will be able to unscrew the bolt or remove the nut.
Of course if you do need to remove this system, we do include instructions on how to remove the nut and bolt.

The installation is very simple.  Select either the top left or the right bottom bolt or the top right and left bottom bolt to install your defender security bolt(s).  * The other 2 bolts in the package can be used for your second shallow water anchor if you have one.  If not, just place this is a safe place for future use.

​​Cost $39.95 ea

Includes hardware to secure (2) Shallow-water Anchors per package)

If you're local to South Florida, we will even install it for you.  Email us.
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Product works with Either Bracket

2017 and newer above

2016 and older below  

Defender Security